Top 5 ideas to celebrate for New Year's Eve 2024

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    By Max Roi

Looking to have blast for new year eve 2024 but looking at different alternative to the big nightout in the largest local nightclub? You are right, queuing long hours to get in a nightclub or waiting for your drink on NYE is an absolute party mood popper. What's worse is paying 3-4 times the prices for pretty standard night out. Here are some alternative that you might consider to welcome 2024 in style without breaking the bank.


Stream live event from round the World



Migth not be the most exciting alternative, but why not discover other ways to celebrate New Year from home? For example, You can watch the ball drop at Time Square, New York, USA. In Spain the tradition involves gobbling up 12 grapes in one streak, one for every stroke of the bell, if you succeed, 2021 will be your lucky year. If you got to many spare plates or glasses why not follow the Danish tradition and smashing a few to repel bad spirits?

Obviously don't stay alone for NYE, invite a few friends over, plan a big meal like a BBQ or a massive cheese fondue. Why don't you try one of these drinking from around the world

Drinking games with beer


Book a Bar or Pub Crawl



Bar crawls and Pub Crawls became hugely popular in recent years and it is the perfect option to discover hidden bars or pub in a city and stay away from the beaten path. The concept is simple, just hop from bars to bars until you reach your final destination, usually a dancing venue.

2 Options: Either you booked a pre-organised crawl with a third-party or you organise it yourself with a group of friends. Use My Party Bible to find organised bar crawls near you or find some inspiration reading our blog below

Crowd of happy bar crawlers


Go wild Camping



Why not do something special and pack your camping gear for an out-of-the-ordinary new year celebration. Get your friends together and explore the nature near you, you could have a massive bonfire, play the guitare, bring some meat to grill and even marshmallows to roast.

This is a brilliant option if you want to avoid the big crowds, the queues and keep it cheap.


Organise a house party



If you lucky enough to live in a big house or flat why not organise a big house party for your friends and their plus ones? This is usually my go-to option for new year as you can actually talk, laught and have fun with friends. It gives you the flexibility to stay home all night or hit the clubs.

If you are looking for a specific house party theme for New Year Eve, have a look here.

People partying in a house


Take part of an Organised tour



A good option is to travel for NYE on an organised tour with a travel agency. Some of these tours include some travel and a special event for new year. A Good one is a 7 day tour in Morocco with a big party in the Sahara desert. If you are looking for something colder, try NYE tour in Iceland which include nothern lights and Jeep rides. If you have a cold feet for the 2 aforementioned options why not get something more tropical with a cruise in the caribbean or even spend all night in the infamous Khao San Road in Bangkok


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