6 Unique House Party Themes [June 2024]

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    By Max Roi

Going clubbing week in, week out can quickly get on your nerves and being surrounded by the same crowd will ultimately bore you to death. Also, dancing and listening to high-octane music on a weekly basis, might not be a healthy habit. To break this nasty clubbing routine, there's nothing better than a little house party, just to try something different. Sending a quick invite around, might just do the job, but if you're the adventurous kind, you would fancy going an extra mile and throw a themed house party! Here is a list of the x house party theme you can throw without much trouble


1. Fancy dress


Fancy dress house party with girls


  • Fancy dress is a one of the easiest theme to throw. Just pick a theme and ask your friends to respect it. If you have friends who are a bit reluctant to invest money or time in a dress/costume, don't panic, My Party Bible has got you covered. Here are a few theme ideas you should definitely try in 2020:
  • All black or All white: Guests must fully dress in white or black. Similarly, you can try a white t-shirt party, where guests will be provided with marker pens to write on each other's t-shirt all night long - $
  • Hat party: Guests must create a hat prior to attending the party. It can be made out a cereal box, or beer cans, or anything else. The more original, the better. Also, no excuse to come hat-less at the party - $
  • ABC or Anything but clothes: This is another one where guests will need to get creative, they must attend wearing anything but clothes. Usually, duct tape or bin liners are people's favourite - $
  • Costume prop: You can organise a party with various costume props like wigs, funky glasses, bizarre hats, and various other props. Perfect for to taking fun pictures.
  • Back to the 60, 70s, 80s: The perfect theme if you always wanted to jump back in time - $$
  • Venetian/Masquerade: It only requires to buy a mask of some kind, usually found under $10 - $$
  • Super-hero: It is a pretty cool idea, you can for example, but it will require some preparation. Don't forget that you can hire party costumes - $$$
  • Top tip: if you organise a fancy dress house party, we recommend, you include some fancy dress ideas and even mention addresses where you can buy costumes. Then you are guaranteed to have most of your guests dressed up. Don't give them a reason not to dress up.


    2. King's party


    King's house party Golden Crown Of Fun


    The King's party theme is a pretty unique party theme, chances are that you never came across it before. The concept is simple, you need to challenge guests at the party and tick off all items on your challenge card to be crowned.

    For example, you can fix a one-off $5 fee to take part and place that in a pot. The amount accumulated can then be given out to the top 3 players. The next thing you need is the challenge card and as a party host you can be the referee to rule out if a challenge has been successfully completed or miserably failed.

    Top tip: Make a challenge card with about 10 challenges from the easiest to the hardest. You might also want to define a time constrain to encourage guests to play the game. Download challenge file


    3. Hitman party


    Hitman house party a killer theme


    A slightly more original house party theme is the Secret Killer party. Every guest is given a card with an action and a guest's name written on it. The objective is to find your victim among the guests and make her/him perform the action without realising. You successfully killed your victim once her/him completed the action in your presence. Then the victim will hand over her/his card, then you are ready to hunt down more people. The guest with the most cards at the end of the night wins. You can add a money incentive to encourage people to play the game.

    Top tip: Inform your guests about the rules prior to their arrival and repeat as they arrive. Ask your guests to confirm their attendance, as it is important to be certain who is 100% coming. Print out all cards and the guest list. Give a card to the first guest, and write another guest name on it, and strikethrough that name off the guest list. Download mission file


    4. Handcuffed party


    Handcuffed house party theme is unique and fun


    As the name indicates, it a type of party where you are cuffed to another guest. It can get pretty fun and weird at the same time you have been warned. All you need is a big batch of hand-cuffs or cable ties or a few rolls of duct tape. Ideally, you want to wait at least one hour after all guests have arrived to give them a chance to get to know each other and get in a good mood. Then you can organise a draw with people's name to define who will be cuffed with who. It is probably recommended to set a timer for an hour, when it rings, people must swap, you can also allow a 10 min break for your guests to use the toilets. It is totally up to you.


    5. UV Rave party


    UV Rave house party theme with neon lights and girls


    Buy a large batch of glow sticks, neon paints and a few UV torches, wear your whitest T-shirt and turn off all lights and Voila. If you've never done one of these parties, you should at least try it once, it's fairly simple to organise and it creates an amazing atmosphere for the perfect Instagrammable moment.

    Top-tip: Be extra careful, if you are playing with UV paint, it tends to stain clothes and surface easily. UV light when directed to the eyes can blur you vision for a few minutes, be careful.


    6. ABC party


    girls attending an ABC party (Anything but clothes)


    An "Anything But Clothes" (ABC) party is a themed party where attendees wear creative outfits made from anything but regular clothing. It's all about using everyday objects in a fun and unexpected way.

    Here's the breakdown:


    The Challenge: If clothes are not allowed, here are some ideas duct tape, cardboard boxes, balloons, or even food wrappers, bed sheets etc.

    The Creativity: It's a chance to be silly and show off your imagination. You'll see all sorts of crazy and interesting outfits.

    The Fun: It's important to note that while there's some leeway, ABC parties aren't about nudity. The idea is to be creative with covering yourself, not to show everything off even you might be tempted.


    Top-tip:Try to get a outfit that you can wear tightly and won't make you sweat too much. Don't forget that you also need to be able to go to the toilets.


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