Top 10 of The Most Original Bar Crawl Themes [October 2023]
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Bar crawls became hugely popular in recent years and are now traveller's favourite way to explore a city at night, while meeting fellow travellers and experiencing an unforgettable night out. Most of them are priced around $10 and $20. All you need to do is to turn up at a central location, meet your guide and the rest of the group. You are now ready, to hop from bar to bar until you reach your final destination, the nightclub. So get ready to party. You can also organise a bar crawl with friends if you want to spicy up your weekend.


Black and White Bar Crawl


Black and White Bar Crawl Entry Fee


This theme consists of wearing a totally black or white outfit. We all have these colours in our wardrobe, so it should not be too challenging to match a pair of trousers with a top. If your group respects the theme, group photos will come out great. Give it a try, we guarantee you a great party experience.


Christmas Bar Crawl


Christmas Bar Crawl Party


Us, Westerners are always looking forward to Christmas. The concept is simple, either wear your best/ugliest Christmas sweater or put on that dusty Christmas hat from last year. Crawl from bar to bar to spread the magic of Christmas while enjoying a few glasses of mulled wine or cider. Definitely a must-do and another good reason to call a party


Full moon Bar Crawl


Full moon Bar Crawl in Thailand


The full moon tradition comes straight from the Island of Ko Pha Ngan, where revellers make up with UV-sensitive paint to celebrate the full moon appearance, on the beach around the 20th of each month. All you need is some UV paint (just a few dollars) and a bit of creativity to get the party going. For the best results, go to bars and clubs where UV strip lights are used heavily (Black Light).


Poster Bar Crawl


Poster Bar Crawl With white T-shirt


Grab an old white Tee and a black marker pen and invite your friends to tag along. Just like a white board, express your feelings by writing or drawing on your friends' T-shirts. As the night progresses, messages will get funnier and wilder. On the next day, after the party, you will love rewinding the night and discover what was left on your T-shirt's canvas.

Kiss Me Bar Crawl


Kiss Me Bar Crawl with girls kissing


Another original theme, where the guests receive ... ... JOIN US for FREE to continue reading this blog. It only takes 5 seconds. Register or login now to view full content. After logging in you will be brought back to this page.

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