Paris provides a wide variety of venues, from upscale nightclubs to intimate bars and underground techno clubs to rooftop parties. Moreover, Paris attracts renowned DJs and musicians from around the world, hosting diverse music genres that include electronic, techno, hip-hop, and rap. The city's influence as a fashion capital is reflected in its party scene, with party-goers dressing to the nines so ensure you pack the right clothes before you hit the French capital.
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Last updated/reviewed on Wednesday 15th May 2024

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Paris also known as the city of the lights is nightlife-rich with upscale bars, cabarets like the Moulin Rouge or high-end and luxurious nightclubs but also the low key french bistrot. Moreover, Paris attracts renowned DJs and artists from around the world covering electronic, techno, hip-hop, and rap musics. The city's influence as a fashion capital is reflected in its party scene, with party-goers dressing up to the moment so ensure you pack the right clothes before you hit the French capital.
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Popular neighborhoods for the perfect nightout include Pigalle/Montmartre which has a few bars and cabaret, Oberkampf, Marais is the LGBTQ+ friendly districts, and the Latin Quarter is filled with bars and clubs and mainly targets youngsters and student
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If you are up to stay close to bars why no stay close to le Maris or the Latin Quarter. We wouldn't recommend Pigalle as it might not be the safest district
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Le Marais, located in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris, is renowned as the city's gay district. It became a hub for the LGBTQ+ community in the late 1970s and continues to be a lively and welcoming neighborhood. While it has undergone gentrification and now attracts a diverse crowd, Le Marais remains a vibrant center of gay life in Paris, offering trendy shops, bars, and clubs.
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Firstly, most bars close around 2am in Paris and nightclub usually around 6/7am. French people usually do pre-drinks at home or in the near-by bistrot (Typical French Pub) and only from midnight/1am clubs will fill up. It is pretty common to be rejected from upscale clubs in France as they can be pretty small and super exclusive. You can maximise your chances if you come well dressed, show that you are willing to spend and the most important that you are accompanied with girls (more girls than guys is recommended). If you get rejected don't be upset, there are plenty of places to party on in Paris
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Paris can get pretty expensive for a nightout but there is always a way to no to break the bank. Most nightclubs will offer cocktails at around 20€ and beers at around 10-12€. The metro might not be running 247, so you will probably have to take a cab which can set you back by about 30-50€.
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If you want to party in the cheap in Paris, the best option is to get invited to a typical house party, where everybody brings their drinks. Another option is to pre-drink in a park or by the Canals in Saint-Martin. Then go to Bastille and find a bar where you can dance on the cheap (for example Rue de la Lappe)
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Paris is not the safest place in the world, we recommend you to stay within the heart of paris (within one of the 20 districts. Move around in groups and use Taxis if metro is unavailable. It is not recommended to walk alone if you are not locals.
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In France, the looks are very important, make sure you dress very well in any circumstances. Bouncers are very picky so don't give them a excuse to reject you.
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