Barcelona is one of the most popular party hub in Europe as it attracts millions of tourists, and thousands of international students who clearly picked the city for its thriving and never-ending parties. Most of the popular nightclubs and bars cater to tourists, if you are seeking a local experience aim for a smaller club and away from the beach. Bar crawls are often praised by travelers as an good option to discover the local night scene
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Last updated/reviewed on Wednesday 15th May 2024

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Of course, Spain is one of the biggest party hub in the world, Spaniards are night owls as a result a lot of bars, clubs are open till dawn. With daily events all year round. Don't forget to have a walk along the Barceloneta beach which is lined with big clubs with the likes of Pacha, Opium and Shoko.
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There are few areas where you can party in Barcelona and these includes the Gothic Quarter, El Born, Gràcia and the Barceloneta Beach or Even Eixample. The Gothic Quarter is mainly made a trendy bars and is situated between la Rambla and the Cathedral. El Born a little further out and closer to the Barcelona has a lot of narrow street with a quick succession of small bars where you can drink and dances. If you want to hit some of the bigger clubs, just head to the barceloneta promenade. Gràcia is situated north of Barcelona and mainly attracts the local and is much more chilled.

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If you are a party animal, you should stay in some of the hostels in the vicinity of la Rambla or Barceloneta or in one of the following party district
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Yes, there is such district and it filled with bars and clubs, head to the Eixample Neighborhood
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A lot of nightclubs close very late in Spain, around 7 or 8AM, as a rule of thumb is it always best to go 3 to 4 hours before closing time. In other words, get ready to enter the club around 3AM. This is perfectly normal in Spain as everything start late and done late. Not uncommom to see Spaniards having dinner at Midnight
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Barcelona is not really affordable to party or to live. Prices have got through the roof for most things and locals are struggling. In Barcelona, you often have to pay for the entrance fee + 1 or 2 drinks upfront. This bundle usually varies between 15 and 20 euros. Drink-wise most beers are between 5 and 8€ and coctails starts at 8€ up to 20€
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Most bars and clubs are open pretty early from 10pm to midnight. Going early when no one is there, can often guarantee you a free pass. Check the venue's social media and get on their guest list. Another alternative is to go on a bar crawl. More music bars have a variable entrance fees which heavily depends on the customers, a group a ladies will pay much less than a group of guys only. Morale of the story, try to enter with a couple of ladies.
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Barcelona is pretty big with about 2M inhabitants and slightly less populous than its rival. The city is pretty safe at night so you should not fear to dress to impress, we suggest you avoid walking through El Raval at night. However it is always recommended to walk around in groups or take a taxi for long distances
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Always a tricky question to answer, but a general rule is the more exclusive the venue, the smartest you should dress. Another typical rule of thumb is to skip any fancy dresses, football jerseys, tracksuits, trainers, sneakers and shorts. Ladies would likely get in whatever they wear, for Gents, please wear trousers and a shirt
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