From Dusk Till Dawn: Cambridge's 4 Hottest Nightclub Destinations (UK)

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    By Max Roi

Cambridge, known worldwide for its prestigious university, historical charm, and punting of the river Cam. Believe it or not it also offers a lively and diverse nightlife scene. All bars, pubs and clubs are concentrated in the center and are all within walking distance making it super convenient if you need to change your mind.

If you are student, you should try to attend one of the student night at one of the college. Alcohol is cheaper than else where and it is great fun.

Lola Lo


Party and club at the Lola Lo


Bringing you a flavour of Polynesian paradise and a real taste of the tropics, Lola Lo’s unique party and night club experience will bring you to your knees and transport you off to the South Pacific – the perfect place to sit back unwind.

The venue comprises of 3 floors, 2 floors of music and a rooftop terrace for smoking and chatting

Offering a eclectic mix of classic and contemporary cocktails alongside cold beers and ciders, feel-good tunes and high quality table service with bookable spaces.

Jagerbomb £1.50, Sambuca £1.50 on week nights


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Rock/Indie, R&B, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Click on ‘Find out more’ to enquire with venue's social media




Party and club at the Revolution


After midnight, this bar turns into a club with 3 differents rooms and DJs. Whether you are chilling out on the Roof Top Bar or dancing the night away in the Club Room you are guaranteed to have a great night with us at Revolution Cambridge.

Treat yourself to some cheap drinks with :

£5 Flavour Bucket, £3.50 Double Vodka Mixer, £2.50 Single Vodka Mixer, £2.50 Heineken, £2.50 Hooch, £2.50 Das Bomb, £1.50 Flavour Shots


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Latin, Rock/Indie, R&B, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free - £6




Party and club at the MASH


From its humble beginnings, the MASH team rebels against the dull, one-size-fits-all corporate vibe that often drags down venues. The anti-establishment spirit and all-embracing policy aim to unite all the open-minded folks of Cambridge on our electrifying dance floor.

Boasting a whopping capacity of 480 and a sound and light system that could go toe-to-toe with the industry's finest, MASH is the ultimate haven for original thinking and top-tier talent.

Following an extensive makeover of the once Fez Club, get ready for a dance floor transformation like no other. And here's the deal – while we're rolling out table service for those feeling fancy, everyone who steps into MASH is a VIP in our eyes. Let the good times roll!


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Latin, Rock/Indie, R&B, Rap, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free - £6




Party and club at the VINYL


Vinyl is the newest nightclub experience in Cambridge. The venue hosts events featuring the resident DJs and acts on the scene with a wide range of VIP booths. Think cheesy tunes, a light up dancefloor and one big D-I-S-C-O.

The perfect place for the lovers of illuminated dancefloor and shiny glitter balls


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Retro
Expected entrance fee: Free - £6


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