Nightlife in Munich: The 8 Best Nightclubs to Party Hard All Night [May 2024]

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    By Max Roi

Munich is home to the largest beer festival in the world, the infamous Oktoberfest. Lasting 16 days it is probably the best excuse to fly to Munich to party and drink gallons of beers. If day-drinking or Bavarian traditional dances are not your thing, we can suggest a few alternatives. Munich's vibrant club scene caters to all tastes. Whether you're into electronic music, live bands, hip-hop, or alternative sounds, you're sure to find a club or music venue that suits your preferences. If you're more into bar-hopping, then the infamous Feierbanane area (party banana) is the place for you. This banana-shaped area encircles Sonnenstraße and is highly concentrated with clubs and bars of all kinds. It's a great starting point for a first night out in Munich. Enough said, here is our top 8 nighclubs to visit if you want to party hard all night!

Munich is also famous for its extensive christmas market and a great place to celebrate new year in style. Ensure you reserve your accomodation and party tickets early.

Rote Sonne


Party and club at the Rote Sonne


Since 2005, Munich's party lovers have been regaled by Rote Sonne's eccentric entertainment provisions. The Rote Sonne is managed by the same hands at Public Address, Smaul, Disko B, and Pastamusik.

Occasionally, a variety of gigs, concerts, and shows with bouncy live music are hosted at Rote Sonne for the pleasure of the local socializers. The club is located at Maximiliansplatz 5.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House
Expected entrance fee: 15€ - 20€




Party and club at the Neuraum


The 2015 award for the Best Nightclub in Munich is held by Neuraum, one of the largest and highly demanded nightclubs in the city.

With over 1200 square metres of room divided into four separate spaces; this large club tailors to the needs of many observant tourists and guests, even the most sensitive ones. Their sound every night is always exceptional, with the best DJs in the city on rotation to give the most exquisite music from diverse genres.

An additional feature of this club is its German Schlager bar that lights up the night with a variety of hard and soft drinks. Food and liquor at the Neuraum are reasonably priced. Amazing, right?


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Techno/DnB/House, Rock/Indie, Retro, R&B, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 8€ - 13€


Palais Club


Party and club at the Palais Club


Arnulfstraße 16-18 is home to The Palais Club, one of Munich's most popular electro nightclubs. People with great tastes in music and lively vibes are the main visitors of this club.

Furnished with lounges designed for relaxation, this club can accommodate small guest groups. It also has comfortable chairs. The wall décor theme has hints of red glitter, and the club is lined with disco lights to complement the party mood. Every night, there is a fresh supply of various EDM sounds from the club's DJs.

The Palais has a bar that serves a variety of drinks, so guests always have alternatives.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 10€


Harry Klein


Party and club at the Harry Klein


Ranked as the 23rd of Top 100 Best Club in the world by DJ Mag, Harry Klein is one of the best house and techno clubs in Munich. In 2015, they won the Best Booking Category award for Munich Nightlife because of their top-notch hospitality. The uniqueness of this club comes from its modermn visuals, incredible acoustics, irresistible music, and talented home DJs.

Harry Klein has a spacious dancefloor that houses the DJ Booth for performers and musicians and also a large display screen that occasionally has colourful effects and patterns on display as music is playing.

In a nutshell, this club is an ideal example of a hotspot for European nightlife.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House
Expected entrance fee: 7€ - 10€




Party and club at the Pacha


It is no surprise as to why Pacha titles itself the "Club of All Munich." Since its 2015 launch, they have been the rave of the city, hosting fabulous parties every night. Their DJs are always up-to-date on the most blazing tracks, spinning mad sounds from David Morales, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Fedde le Grand, and other artists on demand.

The club has a bar fully equipped with an exciting set menu. It also has a reserved space for VIPs, an outdoor porch and multiple rooms for special events.

Visitors are guaranteed to have fun, dancing to the bouncy music at Pacha.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Techno/DnB/House, R&B, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 7€+ - 10€+




Party and club at the P1


The P1 Club is on the longlist of remarkable clubs in Munich. It was recently remodelled by the well-known Italian designer, Matteo Thun in 2010.

P1 is a crowd magnet due to the size, beauty, and style of the place. The prices are a bit exorbitant here, but the experience is worth every penny.

Furthermore, the club has a relaxation spot with its bar, wall-mounted display screens, and striking water spouts. Skilled DJs like Karim Houas, R-Bronx, Levi Blind, and more from Munich are present every night to dish out hot house, funk, and electro tracks.

The club is also famous for hosting LED Robot shows.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Techno/DnB/House, R&B, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 5€+ - 10€+




Party and club at the CROWNS CLUB


One of the extremely scarce R&B and hip hop clubs in the Munich area is the Crowns Club. Its 800m2 large area is made up of 20 VIP corners, 10 bars, and two music rooms.

This club is always packed. In addition to their spacious interior, it has a 500m2 open-air space that is perfect for relaxation or smoking, especially in late spring.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop and R&B
Expected entrance fee: 10€ - 15€+


8 Below [Permanently Closed]


Party and club at the 8 Below


8 Below is unique for its heavily lit LED ceilings and its hospitality to the LGBT Community in Munich. Located inSchützenstraße 8, this club holds bizarre and groovy parties that are tailored to the youth.

Depending on the DJ on duty, the club plays a massive range of songs from old school to Eurodance sounds.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Metal, Techno/DnB/House, Retro and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 8€+ - 10€+


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