The Top 12 Ibiza Nightclubs You Should Go to Before You Die [May 2024]

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    By Max Roi

Where to start when it comes to Ibiza? Its nightlife is legendary and has earned the island a well-deserved reputation of being the world number 1 party destination. The island offers iconic nightclubs with top DJs, open-air parties set against breathtaking landscapes, world-class electronic music, mesmerizing sunset rituals, vibrant beach clubs and chiringuitos, thrilling boat parties, and after-hours venues that keep the party going.

Ibiza's nightlife provides an electrifying and unforgettable experience in a stunning Mediterranean setting. In summary, Ibiza has it all! Make sure you visit at least a couple of the nightclubs listed as our favourites below.



Party and club at the Amnesia


Amnesia has been the backdrop for some the the most unforgettable club nights on the island and is arguably a must-do of the Ibiza clubbing experiences. Two huge rooms-The Club Room, a dark warehouse-like room with a concrete finish and the Terrace a large glass roofed arena flooded by light at sunrise. Both rooms are protected by the famous Amnesia ice cannons, which can turn on without notice.

Amnesia includes the best of techno, house, bass, Latin tunes and some live performances, with a highly eclectic programming. Like all super clubs,  Amnesia can be incredibly busy and is known for its unbelievable atmosphere with a high-energy crowd.

The top levels of Amnesia are reserved to the VIP, providing an amazing view of the revellers below.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House
Expected entrance fee: 35€ - 55€




Party and club at the USHUAÏA


Since its inauguration in 2011, Ushuaïa Ibiza has been the reference on Playa d'en Bossa. This hotel provides stylish lodging on the Bossa promenade, as well as a eventful programme, featuring some of the greatest names in EDM

Ushuaïa gained its fame by championing world-class DJs and smashing the competition with its stage production, fantastic live-performers and a great VIP section. Only after a few years, it has become one of Ibiza's most renowned places.

Ushuaïa has become a major player in providing a long-standing tradition of daily clubbing to the island by offering a rare chance to see some of the largest headliners on the island as the sun is still setting.

The luxurious Ushuaia Ibiza Tower is now open to include an impressive outside decor and luxury accommodation, as well as a magnificent pool and a dome terrace with a spectacular view of the island.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 25€ - 55€


O Beach


Party and club at the O Beach


The O Beach Ibiza (formerly Ocean Beach Ibiza) opened in June 2012 and became immediately popular and filled a market gap with a funstastic pool-side that the western part of Ibiza had not been able to offer.

O Beach Ibiza offers stylish, wild pool party every day since, and thus, is a "must visit" to anyone who wants to pop the champagne and go to a VIP bed or to just dance or chill in the pool during the afternoon while soaking up the Balearic sun.

An eclectic combination of parties takes place all day long and the music goes from uplifting house beats up to dance classics. This resort-style venue offers some of the most interesting shows in the sky, with fit acrobats performing at different moments in the afternoon.

It's the venue to enjoy daytime pool celebrations, great food, fashion shows, acrobatics, concerts, massages and personal activities with great views over San Antonio bay.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Dayclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 10€




Party and club at the Pacha


This finca, founded in Ibiza in 1973 and situated in Ibiza Town, has evolved into the world's most dominant clubbing brands. With a reputation for offering a lavish clubbing experience, it is unique in adding a dash of VIP pizzazz. It's also a perfect spot to put your happy disco before hitting the dance floor and dance to the greatest DJs

Over the years, Pacha's reputation has risen exponentially along with the reputation of the island in line with that of the island. As a consequence, the club is dear to the locals and has become a must-go-destination for any tourists visiting Ibiza.

At present, it is one of the largest talent rosters on the Island and has more than four decades of experience organising high-end parties and went through a significant renovation in 2018. Take your selection out of the cream of electronic music, all of which are represented from underground to mainstream and classic.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 40€ - 60€




Party and club at the Privilege


The "World's Biggest Club" is of course in Ibiza, but even such an award does not make you aware of the magnitude of what you will experience The Privilege has become known for the spectacular and grandiose Main Room, which is an airplane hangar, which could quite literally fit the whole of the other clubs in Ibiza. It is HUGE!

Privilege was initially named  Ku, and it started with a swimming pool in its center, a key feature of many Ibiza clubs, and it continued with Manumission where it hosted some of the most exuberant  fiestas in the worlds for at least 10 years. With different parts of the club to explore, Privilege breaks all existing boundaries and creates a brand new clubbing experience for clubbing.

The glass-prominent Vista Club  has become an peculiar arena for house and techno raves and where the party continues until the wee hours when the sun starts to shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows and illuminates the space entirely


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 20€ - 50€


Es Paradís


Party and club at the Es Paradís


The island's most gorgeous club? It definitely has a paradise impression, just as the name implies. Es Paradis is one of the first club forming the Ibiza's nightlife and a labyrinth that oozes glam since the mid-1970's.

The Es Paradis is a checkpoint to most tourists who visit the island and is the ultimate holiday club experience in San Antonio. It is recommended to go to the Neon Rave night, where the club becomes cover in multicoloured paint which then washed off by water fountain. Dress accordingly and make sure your phone is waterproof

Maintain your eye open for promoters near the venue as they frequently offer you free bracelets with free entry to the club


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 20€ - 45€



Disco Edén


Party and club at the Disco Edén


Eden is the second superclub in San Antonio and it got a total artistic, aesthetic and musical revamp a few years ago thanks to new management It has one of the finest sound systems on the island these days.

After its renovation, Eden produced an impact on the nightlife scene of San Antonio, with a high-end sound system which works particularly well for even more underground events. Eden is San Antonio's only place to enjoy quality underground house and techno in a large venue such as this superclub.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 25€ - 40€



Party and club at the Hï


The latest entrant to Playa d'en Bossa is another cutting-edge superclub recently rebranded as Hï Ibiza and was formerly known as Space Ibiza. Hi Ibiza has taken it very seriously and pushed the venue to the next level following drastic revamp.

The Theater and the Club, are divided into two primary rooms, and both have spectacular light displays and their arrangement change every other night. The nightclub also features 3 open-air areas, a wide range of vegetation, unique VIP facilities including personal tents and even a DJ stand just before the unisex toilet.

Hi Ibiza has taken stuff to the next level following huge modernisation.

Being one of the greatest clubs in Ibiza, it also showcases some of the biggest names in electronic music and that also includes their DJ residents. The Nights at the new club cover every part of the spectrum of music, including EDM,  disco, house and of course techno.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 30€ - 60€


Cova Santa


Party and club at the Cova Santa


Situated in the stunning landscape of Ibiza, Cova Santa was constructed around a former cave. The hotel was opened to the public at the beginning of the 15th century and became one of Ibiza's main tourist attractions at the beginning of the 90s, becoming a magnificent venue for events with a world-class restaurant, flamenco dances and dancing after dinner.

In 2001, the Group of Amnesia bought the venue and in 2013, Marco Carola threw out some of his iconic Music On after-parties which help the venue built its current fame.

Cova Santa currently houses a famous restaurant and therefore the atmosphere is much more low-key. But keep your ears open for the music and the clubbing events because some will be worth going during summer time.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 20€ - 25€


Swag Club


Party and club at the Swag Club


Swag Ibiza opened in 2014, taking over the nightclub next door to the Garbi Ibiza Hotel, formerly known as Moma.

The objective of Swag? Giving urban music a voice that is much needed in Ibiza at a moment when hip-hop, R&B beats, grooves and rhymes finally begin to be present throughout the island. It is a rare find Swag is where something else can be found. It is all types of urban music, be it rap, trap, or reggaeton, it's a place for those who want to experience something else than house and dance to a different beat.

Some of the most influential DJs in the international urban music scene will make you dance all night long on some unique urban beats, and this seven days a week. Basically, each night of the week you can shake your booty at some of the most bass-heavy beats

The 1000-capacity club is near the beach, right in the heart of Playa d'en Bossa, and it has two different VIP areas.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop
Expected entrance fee: 25€+




Party and club at the DC10


DC10 is ranked highly among all Ibiza clubs mainly thanks to its unique clubbing experience that will certainly wow you. It first opened in 1999, and still to this date, you can dance till you drop and without any restrictions in this off-the-radar and hedonistic venue.

Unlike the rest of the clubs, it spends little or nothing in marketing to advertise their events, which means only regulars and their fan base know what they are running into. That is the music. The longevity and accomplishment of DC10 is eventually due to its commitment to deliver strong, quality underground electronic sounds. You have not experience Ibiza until you have danced your sock off in the venue's famous garden.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 50€


Ibiza Rocks


Party and club at the Ibiza Rocks


For over 10 years Ibiza Rocks Hotel has demonstrated that the island provides more than DJs and monster clubbing. With many fiestas and daylight events, Bar M (now an Ibiza Rocks Bar on San Antonio Drive) was initially the party venue, but as it become increasingly successful, a new venue was required.  The live music venue moved to the current Ibiza Rocks which is also known as the home of the' pool party.

This consists in a permanent stage set within the main courtyard of the hotel, including a pool side where the crowd is split around and even the artist takes an unexpected dip during or after a gig.The site was refurbished in 2018 with a new 360° performance area, VIP areas, a party suite, upgraded bar for fast service and a new sound system.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel is now a reference in the EDM scene. Expect the TS5 pool parties with Craig David sell out each and every week, as Ibiza Rocks become more prominent into the daytime party sphere.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Dayclub/Hotel
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House and EDM
Expected entrance fee: 20€ - 60€


Ibiza Rocks Pool Party

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