Will You Visit Some Of These 7 Bars and Clubs in Rimini, Italy? [May 2024]

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    By Max Roi

Rimini's nightlife is closely intertwined with its stunning beaches. Along the coast, you'll find a variety of beach clubs and bars that offer a unique party experience day and night.

Other party alternatives include Viale Vespucci which is a bustling promenade that comes alive after dark. Lined with bars, pubs, and clubs, it is the heart of Rimini's nightlife. Here, you can hop from one venue to another. Piazzale Fellini and Piazza Cavour: These central squares in Rimini act as gathering spots for nightlife enthusiasts. Piazzale Fellini, named after the renowned film director Federico Fellini, features bars, restaurants, and a lively atmosphere.

Piazza Cavour, on the other hand, is a picturesque square surrounded by historic buildings and offers a mix of bars, cafés, and live entertainment. Now, it is time for our 7 favourite venues in Rimini, Italy.

Carnaby Club


Party and club at the Carnaby Club


The Carnaby club was first established as a British pub (Obvious with that name) and later revived in a nightclub, the Carnaby Club is another local institution in Rimini, much appreciated by the young foreign tourists who come here to enjoy their summer holidays.

Today, the Carnaby is a nightclub featuring three floors that offers a wide variety of music. The first floor includes hip hop and r'n'b, upstairs there is commercial and house music, On the top floor there is a bar and a dance floor with tables and sofas and a large window overlooking the lower floors, with music such as revival, rock, pop and Latin music.

Something peculiar about this club is that the language spoken here is the carnabiano and you pay with Carnaby Coins.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free - 15€




Party and club at the Coconuts


Located on the seafront in Rimini, the Coconuts It is one of the largest and most popular discos of Rimini. Open in summer and winter, this club animates the night life of the Riviera with its Latin and house music evenings, and it is frequented by young locals and tourists.

With 4 dance floors, its particular atmosphere will transport you in a different location. The central dance floor is dedicated to dance house music, while the outdoor area is covered in lush vegetation and includes a bar area alongside comfortable sofas where you can chill and sip excellent cocktails.

Every Friday and Saturday, summer club offers the best Latin sounds (salsa, Merengue, bachata, Reggaeton).


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Latin, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 15€


Life Club


Party and club at the Life Club


Open from 1971, the Life Club is a club on two floors in the English style.

During the summer season, The club caters mainly to foreign tourists and offers techno music, House and commercial, with different theme nights every day with famous DJs.

During the winter, disco changes target and organizes concerts and rock music, 70s and garage music.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, R&B and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 10€+


Mon Amour


Party and club at the Mon Amour


Patronised more by the older age group, Mon Amour serves as a brand of Rimini's nightlife disco. Graced with five different rooms, this club dishes out live music, 60s and 70s revival and commercial house. There's also an enchanting summer garden where you can vibe to salsa and bachata beats while surrounded by a romantic atmosphere lit by soft lighting and beautiful candles.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 15€+


Classic Club


Party and club at the Classic Club


The Classic Club is a disco mostly aimed at the gate populace during party hour. It's situated on the border between Rimini and Riccione and transforms into a very charming and sought after discoteca as from 5 every morning.

There are three different floors in this club that cater to house and techno. Also has two summer Gardens and swimming pool which are opened during the summer


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Gay Nightclub
Music is mainly: Retro, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 13€


Byblos Club


Party and club at the Byblos Club


Looking more like a wild Beverly Hills indoor party than an actual club, this Rimini's most fashionable night club claims a refurbished villa complex that comes packed with a swimming pool, a restaurant and top-notch DJs. It's also a place to find astonishingly gorgeous crowd and pop stars.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 15€+


Altromondo Studios


Party and club at the Altromondo Studios


The Altromondo Studios is separated into two rooms namely: the Main Room, which comes with a double dancefloor, one overlooking the other and the American-style Bar which is the clubs exclusive bar.

The musical trend, over the years, has been very diverse. From trance to techno, from house to EDM, from hip-hop to rap. Many acts, Italian and international, have set foot on the stage of Altromondo. The infamous Foam Party, held twice a week once its summer is now well known and is one of the most graced events both by tourists and locals.

Suitably located by the sea, get your bathing suit on and get ready for a wild foam party on Wednesdays and Sundays (Mainly in the summer) while Fridays, Saturdays and holidays are the days for general parties.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Techno/DnB/House, EDM and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: 15€


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