Top 8 Drinking games from around the world [June 2024]

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    By Max Roi

We all have a few drinking game up our sleeves, but it seems like ‘the ring of fire' or ‘King's cup' is everyone's favourite, we can maybe also include beer pong. There are many other games you should know about. Our team members abroad came together to create a unique list of drinking games from around the world. Check it out! Here is our top 10 of the most original drinking games from around the globe.


1.Card Counting


Card Counting Chinese Drinking Game

  • Origin: China
  • Game duration: Less than an hour
  • Requires: Playing cards

This original drinking game comes straight from the middle empire, China. If by any chance you are into card counting, this game is made for you.


In this game, there are players and a dealer gathered around a table. The dealer counts from 1 to 13 as the cards are dealt on the table, face up, one at a time. If the number on the upturned card matches the number announced by the dealer, every other player must hit the deck simultaneously with their hand.

The last player to slap the deck must drink a few fingers of its beverage, and if everyone else agrees - must also take a dare from the rest of the players.

At the end of each hand, the dealer recovers all the card on the table and places them under the deck.

The Jack counts as 11, the Queen as 12 and the King as 13.


2.Beer Hockey


Beer Hockey Popular North American Drinking Game

  • Origin: North America
  • Game duration: Less than an hour
  • Requirements: A coin (like a quarter, or 5euro cents or 2p)

Everyone gathers around a table, placing a single full bottle or can in front of them making sure people are equally spaced out. Just like Hockey, The objective is to score goals while keep your goal. The puck is a spinning coin (usually a quarter, or 5 euro cents or 2 pence)



First memorise the players' name, the player who kicks off the first round of the game (The shooter), first spins the quarter and calls out another player's name. All defenders must quickly guard their beers using their pinky and index fingers (see picture, but not their knuckles). The shooter then attempts to flick the quarter and hit a defender's beer.

If the shooter hits the target, everyone takes their beer off the table and the shooter is then allowed to spin the quarter, the unlucky defender who got its beer hit must drink as long as the coin spins, to make it even worse, other players can attempt to keep the coin spinning, so the unlucky defender will be drinking even more.

If the Shooter misses the target, or bounced off the defenders' fingers, it is still in play, as long as it remains on the table and spinning, in that case other players can try to flick it and hit another player's target. In the event the coin stops spinning, after the first hit, then the defender become the shooter and start again. If multiple targets were hit, then the defender who got hit first becomes the shooter.

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