12 Top Tips To Party Without Breaking The Bank [June 2024]

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    By Max Roi

If you are frequent clubber or just on student on a tight budget, you still want to party without going broke. You definitely need to know all these money-saving tips before you go out again. Here is our top 12 tips to save money on a night out.


1. Get a student card


Girl Saves Money with Student Card


Many club nights in Europe offer special entrance fee concessions for students, and it is very common to have student-only parties where drinks are extra cheap. If you are already a student, great, just don't forget to bring your student ID anywhere you go. If you had not the chance to be a student or you miss the former glory of the student living, no problem, you can apply for an international student card online, or even for a NUS card (UK only). You don't even need to justify you are a student, you might just have to pay a small fee to access unlimited discount. Kerchin! Give it a go. It is not unheard of for some of us to enrol in a course, just to obtain a student card and take advantages of the discounts which come with it. Another great money-saving tip.


2. Pre-drink at home


People pre-drink cheap alcohol and Party at home


Buying drinks from the corner shop is always super savvy and it will drastically reduce your monthly party budget. Also you can get in the mood with a group of friends before hitting the club. Read here if you fancy some pre-drinking games. As a rule of thumb, it is always better to get in the club about 3 hours before it closes, at this point the dance floor would be packed, you would have hit the that sweet spot where you know you should not drink more. The cover charge would be little pricier than coming earlier but you saved yourself some money pre-drinking. It is a win-win.


3. Wear as little as possible


2 girls wear very little to save money


If you live in a cold country, you can save some cash by dressing light and keep your jacket and scarf at home. It would only be a few bucks, but it adds up fast for the occasional clubber. Also you don't want your mood to drop while you're a queuing for the cloakroom, and it would be just another reason to make your beer jacket even thicker.


4. Take part to a bar crawl


Big group of people on a bar crawl drinking cheap booze


If you are taking a trip abroad or backpacking through different continent, why not attend a pub crawl or a bar crawl. The concept usually consists of taking part in an event organised by a local company/guide taking you various bars and pub all night long and it usually ends in a nightclub. It can sometimes be free (based on tips) or charged usually between ... ... JOIN US for FREE to continue reading this blog. It only takes 5 seconds. Register or login now to view full content. After logging in you will be brought back to this page.

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