Edinburgh's Top 10 Party Venues To Visit [June 2024]

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    By Max Roi

How to describe Edinburgh's nightlife? Rowdy, fun, wild and inebriated. Capital of the Scots and home of the well famous Arthur's seat overlooking the city in the distance. Edinburgh's party is for everybody, from the cobblestoned street of Cowgate (nicknamed the party street) is always a good starting point to every night out. Head towards St George Street for a higher-end clubbing experience. Read through this blog and find the venue that is right for you!

Shanghai Club


Party and club at the Shanghai Club


The Shanghai Club nestles in the underground of upscale hotel, Le Monde. Recently refurbished, it features a state of the art sound system as well as a variety of areas to fit your mood.

The dancefloor is surrounded by more private booths suitable for smaller parties. There is also a VIP area overlooking the dance floor, the more secluded and laid-back Jaiding Lounge and a private bar which also provides various karaoke packages.The music is generally R&B, Hip Hop and Garage, but there are a wider range of tunes available for specific club nights.


Typically open: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, usually from 10PM
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, R&B and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free - £8


The Hive Nightclub


Party and club at the Hive Nightclub


This labyrinth club is very popular with students, offering a few dance floors and multiple bar areas. Compared to most other clubbing choices in the city, it tends to be very inexpensive but it’s also noisy, crowded and sweaty.

The music is a mixture with an occasional live performance, but you will generally find pop and chart, indie and electro, rock and metal or drum and bass so you can check what’s going on before you go. It gets raucous so it definitely won’t be to the taste of everybody, but if you group is on budget go for it!


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Rock/Indie, R&B and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free - £4


El Barrio Latino


Party and club at the El Barrio Latino


El Barrio is a vibrant Latin themed bar and dance club located in the heart of the Edinburgh, on Rose Street. The decor is rustic chic with a polished wooden floor, lovely dark wooden tables contrasting with brightly painted panels and more sombreros than you could count

A blend chart hits, club anthems and Latin and Hispanic songs are played by the in-house Djs to produce a heady combination fuelled by their great mojitos. Although it’s not precisely genuine and some of the cocktails have silly names, the atmosphere is good and there’s no fee for admission.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Bar
Music is mainly: Latin
Expected entrance fee: Free


Lulu Bar and Nightclub


Party and club at the Lulu Bar and Nightclub


If you’re dressed up for a big night out and you’re looking for a trendy location then you might be tempted by Lulu on George Street.

The club is below the famous Tigerlily and features a lighted dance floor in the classic Saturday Night Fever style.

There are plenty of sofas and sitting spots to relax among dances, as well as a VIP area and private hire rooms. Generally speaking, you will discover the music is chart, house and RnB.

The later you go it tends to become more expensive. Some individuals might consider it pretentious and it tends to attract a crowd of professionals.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, Techno/DnB/House, R&B and EDM
Expected entrance fee: Free - £5+


The Wee Red Bar


Party and club at the Wee Red Bar


This small venue is at Edinburgh Art College and provides a mix of nightlife and live performances. It may be tiny but it is also inexpensive, comfortable and has a excellent atmosphere for students, although it is not restricted to students.

The Wee Red Bar is worth a visit if you want indie or rock at knockdown prices and don’t mind a lot of students. There’s a nice variety of club nights here so you’ll discover everything from punk to acid house if you get there on the right night If you get here before midnight then you’ll find entry is even cheaper, in fact this is a great club for anyone on a budget.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Bar
Music is mainly: Rock/Indie and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free


La Belle Angele


Party and club at the La Belle Angele


La Belle Angele has for many years been an integral part of the Edinburgh club scene. In the 2002 catastrophic Cowgate fire it burned to the ground and reopened in 2014 only 12 years later. From that time on, it has become stronger and has hosted club nights and live artists.

The music is an eclectic mixture of soul, rock, house, disco and almost anything else. The venue is tiny and welcoming with a fantastic sound system and an intimate dance floor. Outside is a smoking zone that is also great if you need to cool down for a minute and enjoy the fresh air.


Typically open: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, usually from 10PM
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Rock/Indie
Expected entrance fee: Click on ‘Find out more’ to enquire with venue's social media


The Three Sisters


Party and club at the Three Sisters


The Three Sisters pub in Edinburgh has a bastion of the Cowgate and has been a favourite venue for decades amongst the city’s many sports fan. Serving all your usual suspects behind the bar, the kitchen maintains the fun vibes with their huge pizzas, and hearty burgers But the venue’s real headliner is its beautiful beer garden where they serve you 1L glasses of beer.

On the same level as the beer garden you will find a dancefloor at the back but also if you go up the next level. This makes the three sisters pub a great place to party when you are on a budget or just visiting for a few days


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Bar
Music is mainly: Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free


Why Not Nightclub


Party and club at the Why Not Nightclub


With a spacious main dance floor playing chart music, LED room usually devoted to hip-hop classics, two bars, a big outdoor patio, and ample VIP seating, Why Not has something for everyone but probably not the cheapest place to party on the weekend in Edinburgh


Typically open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, usually from 10:30PM
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Hip Hop, R&B and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: £4 - £8


The Liquid Room


Party and club at the Liquid Room


If you are seeking a fun night out in one of the most bustling clubs in the city with a mixed crowd of people, then Liquid room is for you. In the underground, you find a massive dance floor with plenty of space. Some of the best new bands first took stage here before they became widespread and popular on the music scene. Many of them include well known acts in Scotland and other places in Europe. But then, there is more to this venue as it isn’t just about live music. Here, you can also find one of the most impressive sound systems in the country. The door opens at about 7pm for live gigs.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Nightclub
Music is mainly: Rock/Indie and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free - £6


Stramash Live Music Bar


Party and club at the Stramash Live Music Bar


Stramash is a reputable for its live music bar and late pub-style food, At the back of the venue a stage, where the finest bands from across Scotland play and entertain until about 3am in the morning. It’s location in the heart of Edinburgh’s old town which was formerly a church with a 900-capacity lends it more grandeur. It also has a large HD screen in Scotland showing all top sports fixtures.


Open: Everyday
Venue type: Bar
Music is mainly: Rock/Indie and Commercial
Expected entrance fee: Free


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