The Biggest and Largest Clubs In The World

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As a party animal, you constantly looking for new experiences, bigger parties, bigger crowds and crazier night outs. Also, you might have wondered at least once, if you have already been to one of these so-called super clubs. At My Party Bible, we have just put a list of the top 8 largest club in the world. You won't believe they actually exists, you are going to freak out!


8. AgeHa, Tokyo, Japan [CLOSED]


AgeHa nightclub in Tokyo, Japan


AgeHa (butterfly in Japanese) is the most famous and largest club in Japan, it features 4 different rooms, 3 VIP sections, 3 large bars, an outdoor pool, and a food court, I am sure it will make you feel like home. Located outside Tokyo main touristic area, Shinkiba, is accessible by bus or metro from Shibuya, Shinjuku or Roppongi.

The venue's can hold approximately 2,400 revellers, boats a unique sound and lighting system, offers some of the best line-ups featuring the world's hottest DJs. Attracting over 500,000 party-goers a year.

If you are planning in staying in Tokyo for a few days, this is definitely the place to be.

Capacity: 2,400
2,500 yen - 3,500 yen


7. Theatron, Bogotá, Columbia


Theatron a popular gay nightclub in Bogotá, Columbia


Probably one of the biggest club in South America, Theatron is a gay-friendly venue made of multiple bars, 14 dance floors / areas all integrated in a gigantic complex located in the Colombian capita, Bogota. Located in the central part of the Chapigay area, the gay neighborhood of Chapinero District.

Built in a former movie theater, the venue offers a unique experience to its visitors with different musical styles and atmospheres, a special attention was given to the ladies with their own special room. If you are into Drag shows, visit Theatron on a Saturday for see the contest taking place in the main room.

Capacity: 2,400
30,000 - 40,000 Columbian pesos


6. Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain


Razzmatazz one of the best night club in Barcelona, Spain


Razzmatazz is probably the most famous club in Barcelona, and a must-go party destination for most tourists visiting the area.

Its industrial vibe with 3,700 m2 of floor space, is divided into 5 independent multi-spaces with different capacities, equipped with stages, high-end sound systems, and breathtaking lights and visuals all-round. The massive venue can accommodate more than 3200 revellers and is ideal for large musical events that attracts the most talented bands in the world. Ideally situated between Plaza Cataluña and the Ciutadella Park is it easily accessible by public transport.

Facilities comprise multiple bars, cloakrooms, toilets and outdoor terraces, and 5 rooms with different music genres.

Capacity: 3,200
15€ - 60€


5. FabriK, Madrid, Spain


FabriK  a world renowned night club in Madrid, Spain


The fabric is to Madrid, what Rassmatazz is to Barcelona. Just another mega club with all the bells and whistles. Located outside the center of Madrid the venue is accessible by bus from Plaza de España, or Alcorcón Central - Móstoles, or Fuenlabrada Central). A single ticket is 3€. The bus runs throughout the night. The venue also have a parking if you prefer to get there by car (Don't drink and drive). Fabrik is undoubtedly one of the most famous Techno club in Spain, however, overtime the venue opened up to different music genres such as Urban, Reggaeton and commercial music with different events.

In terms of facility, the place is gigantic, with a capacity of more than 4,000, the club is split across 2 large hangars equipped with a cutting-edge sound system, a sophisticated light systems including lasers and projectors combined to several smoke machine dotted around the space. The atmosphere is unique and must be experience at least once in your lifetime

If you got cash to splash, book a VIP booth in advance and we guarantee you will be treated like a king

Capacity: 4,000
20€ - 60€


4. Club La Vela, Panama City beach, USA


Club La Vela a party place like no other in Panama City beach, USA


Club La Vela is the biggest club in the United States of America with a top capacity of almost 6,000 people. The venue is located on the coast of the sunny state of Florida, in Panama city, not too far from Tallahassee.

The venue is made up of 10 different themed rooms featuring avant-garde designs creating a unique feel and an unforgettable experience. The club appeals to everybody with live DJs, bands and other entertainment covering multiple genres of music. No less than 48 bar stations are spread around the club to minimise wait and keep you hydrated. The state-of-the-art and powerful sound system delivering more than 50000 Watts to the main room produces an extraordinary sensory and audio experience second to none.

Capacity: 6,000
$10 - $25


3. The green Valley, Brazil


Jungle Party at The green Valley in Brazil


At beginning the Green Valley was nothing more than a simple tent in the middle the rainforest. It was first created to host a local party, and then the venue hosted its first event with legendary DJ Carl Cox. Green Valley continued its transformation into a booming music venue providing unforgettable evenings for the thousands of guests who walk through its doors to enjoy the sound of the best national and international DJs. The club is an authentic festival-shaped jungle that includes a huge artificial lake, various stages immersed in local vegetation, several bars and alleyways, and even a branded boutique with exclusive products.

On a typical party night, revellers usually party till dawn, at which point they can enjoy the magical moment where natural scenery of the green valley is revealed.

In the meantime, CO2 canons are blasting, and the unique lighting system and visual effects are shed on a large-scale screen! It also appears that the Green Valley has been awarded the title of Best Club in the World three times. If you are in the area. Don't give it a miss.

Capacity: 6,000-8,000
Floors: N/A
Price: R$50 - R$150


2. The Warehouse Project, Manchester, UK


The Warehouse Project another huge club in Manchester, UK


The Warehouse Project is about to become one of the biggest club in Europe try to take the spot of the world biggest club, currently detained by Privilege in Ibiza as per the Guinness Book of World Records.

The venue's 10,000-person capacity will easily dwarfs all other British super clubs, including Rotherhithe's Printworks with its already large capacity of 5,000 but also London's Fabric with its little 1,800 capacity.

Work is currently in progress to move from the former location to the old railway station opposite Piccadilly also known as ‘Mayfield Depot'

The club night is set to kick off on Friday, 20th September 2019 and will see the likes of Fatboy Slim, Aphex Twin, Hacienda Classical and Soul II Soul entertaining revellers.

Capacity: 10,000
Floors: N/A
Price: £25 - £50



1. Privilege, Ibiza, Spain


Privilege number one club in the world found in Ibiza, Spain


And this is our number 1. Privilege Ibiza formerly named as Ku Club in the 80s and 90s has become the "world's biggest nightclub" according to the Guinness Book of World Records, with a staggering capacity of 10,000 people, this super club is located in close proximity to the village of San Rafael, which is half-way between the two main touristic area of the Ibiza Island, San Antonio and Ibiza town.

From June to September, the party never stops in Ibiza. Seven days a week the venue always manages to propose eventful nights that fit everybody's musical tastes. As you imagine, the place is humongous, starting from the impressive staircase at the entrance to the massive iconic dome overhead, to the several dance floors and even a swimming pool. Trying not to lose yourself or your mates in the labyrinthine rooms and gardens is truly a challenge. This venue should be high on your bucket list if you intend to visit the island over the summer. You won't regret it!

Capacity: 10,000
40€ - 80€


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