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WELCOME TO MY PARTY BIBLE. As travellers, we want to explore the world around us, go beyond new frontiers and experience unique opportunities that we will remember for the rest of our lives. There are all kind of travellers, the chilled ones who like to take it slow and get lost off the beaten path, the posh traveller that enjoys fancy hotels and costly candle lit dinners, or the frenetic one who loves to see as much as possible in the shortest timeframe. Whatever you style, comes a moment where you feel the urge to party and let your body dance to some nice tunes.

However, finding the ideal location that meets all your needs is not an easy task. For example, is this party free tonight? Where should I stay in order to be near the best parties? What kind of music are they playing? At My Party Bible, these are the sorts of questions we endeavour to address.



  • Find the perfect parties around when you travel that match your budget, musical tastes, type of night and current location
  • Gather all information you need so you are confident you took the right decision and ensure you a memorable night
  • Be the No. 1 go-to site when it comes to finding the best parties nearby
  • Offer discounts and special privileges to our visitors


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Search by Cities

On the home page, type in the search bar you location, select the different filters accordingly. An autocomplete features has been included, use it to get suggestion and search faster. Hit 'Search'. Boom! You got a selection of the best parties nearby according to your preferences.


Search by cities on MyPartyBible


There is two types of modes. On the one hand, the list mode is great to give you an overview of how many party venues are referenced for a given location and it also show the most important details about the venue.


Find all clubs near you as a list


Explore the map

On the other hand, The map mode is super useful to determine the party spots in a given location, use this feature to plan you stay and decide whether you want to be as close to the party or as far as possible from it. Click on the map markers to get more info about the venue.


Find all clubs near you on a map

In either of the modes, you can seek for more exhaustive details about a venue. Some of these details includes, A description of the venue, entrance fee for a given day, drink price ranges, if smoking is allowed or not, the expected dress code and even if you need a ID to enter the venue. An exact location of the venue will also be provided!

On this page, you will also be able to leave reviews using the star rating system


Access All venue details opening hours and entry fee


Explore by Countries

A unique feature of My Party Bible is the party map. As the name says, it is a clickable world map, click on any country highlighted in pink to discover the cities referenced on My Party Bible. Click on the city of your choice to discover the parties at this location.

Explore by Countries and Cities


Find parties near you

What about finding all the parties near you in a single tap. Just click on 'Party Near Me' on the navigation menu or just tap here

In 2021, we are planning to add a feature that aggregates facebook events and display them right into My Party Bible. Keep an eye open!

Meet other party-goers

There are so many solo travellers out there, why not meet link minded people and go out together. This is why we have recently added the WhatsApp community feature All ocmmunities

Always exercice caution when meeting strangers. Stay safe and trust your guts


Want to contact us?

Just use the contact form provided. We are open minded and always happy to hear what you got to say. If it is a complaint, we promise we won't be offended and will answer you as quickly as possible. Use the form for the following reasons:

  • To Enquire about the website or a venue or an event
  • To Report a bug or inaccurate information
  • To work or partner with us
  • To file a complaint
  • To suggest a feature
  • To tell us how much you love us!


If you want to suggest or add a venue, please use the form provided here or click on the ‘Add Venue' button.


Work with us?

This website is 100% free since 2020 to use and we want to make it grow. To accomplish this, we are always on the search for:

  • NEW CONTENT CREATOR and also party animals that like to share their passion with the rest of world. If you got some great ideas or want to suggest features, please fill free to drop us a line and we will answer as quick as we can.
  • PARTNERS we are open to all kind of partnership that could benefit you and My Party Bible. If you think our website is of interest and help develop your business. Please get in touch and we will see what we can do.



We have no interest in monetising you data or selling you data to anyone. If you subscribe to our newsletter or simply register on our platform, we keep you email address safe and we promise you will not receive emails for unknown sources. We use third party analytics and security features (mainly using IP address tracking) to make sure we deliver the best user experience and protect the integrity of the website. If you want to know more about our privacy policy, please read here.

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