The top 5 activities to do at home while self-isolating

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    By Max Roi

No more parties, no more festival and no more fun. For many people around the world self-isolation has become a reality during this Covid-19 outbreak. If, you like me, like the occasional clubbing session on weekends, you now need a plan B to keep you entertain all weekend. We came up with 5 fun in-house activities you can take to kill the self-isolation boredom.


1. Karaoke


Karaoke Party With Mic


If you are lucky enough to have a large flat screen TV and a few flatmates or friends in your block of flat, why not throw a karaoke party? It is simple, go on You Tube and type the music of your choice and append the word ‘karaoke' to your keyword search. You will quickly find an extensive list of old and recent tunes to sing to.

Top tip: Often karaoke videos are only instrumental, so you can't hear the lyrics. If you don't know the lyrics from the top of your head, no problem, you can just play two videos in parallel for example the karaoke version and the original clip and make sure they sync and mute the instrumental video.


2. Charades and Heads-up


Fun Charades and Heads-up Games


Why not having a good laugh with a game of charade or heads-up? Charades is pretty famous game where you give a person a word (basically any word) to mime by acting it, either by miming each syllable or the whole word at once. The objective is for your group of friends to guess. The first person who guesses the word right becomes the actor, and the person who just acted secretly whisper a word to mime to the actor. Simple and fun. The more random the word, the funnier it gets. Best played in groups of more than 4 people.


Heads up is a similar guessing game that can be played on the eponymous smartphone app. To start the game, you must pick one of the different categories available such as movies, actors, accents, food, fruits, etc. Place your smartphone on your head, and ask your friends to describe that word without mentioning it. You collect point when you guess it right, and lose point when you pass a word. If you have played Taboo before you will like that game,100%.


3. Drinking game


Beer Drinking game

Drinking games are best played at home, there are millions of them, there are always fun, perfect to kill time and have a great night-in with friends. They can get pretty wild when too much alcohol has been consumed. (Discover the 5 most original drinking games from around the world - Coming soon). Here is a quick list:

Beer pong: it is probably the most typical drinking game in the world and easy to set up. You just need a few cups, a table and a few ping pong balls. Use beer if you like the original version, or use a mixer/Cocktail mix if you feel adventurous. This is too popular to be detailed here. DYOR.

Flip cup: is another popular game with cups. It is better plays 5-a-side. Both team on each side of the long side of a table, getting ready to race. Place 5 cups on each side and fill a third of the way with beer. You grab your cup, cheer with your opponent and drink it as fast as possible. Then you edge your cup, and you flick it so it flips and falls flat on the table. This is the only condition to pass the relay to the next in line. The winning team is the one to successfully flip all 5 cups first.

Twenty-one: is another delirious game that requires attention, memory and being able to count to 21. To start the game, form a circle, the first person says one, then in a clock-wise orientation, the second person says two, and you keep counting until you reach 21. Easy, that is for round one. The person to say Twenty-one can define a rule and attach it to a number. For example, from now on 9 becomes 10. On the next round, the person who made the last rule starts over with ‘one'. When number 9 comes, the person must now say 10 (instead of 9), on the 10th turn, the person will have to say 10. Effectively, 10 will be said twice, which can be pretty confusing. Every time you make a mistake you shall drink, and the person on your left will start over from one until you reach twenty-one to make a new rule. You can make any kind of rule.

Other games includes: The Pyramid and The Bus Driver

Keep on Reading The Top 8 International Drinking Game


4. Drink tasting event


Drink tasting event with wine and cheese


Another fun event you can organise at home is an alcoholic beverage tasting session accompanied with food. For example it could be a Belgian beer tasting or even a wine and cheese tasting or just a cocktail party? Each guest brings a unique beverage and/or a unique food. If you are targeting something out of the ordinary why not read about it and share your learnings with your guests?


5. Twister


2 Girls playing Twister at a house party


Why not playing an old fashioned game at home and enjoy some twisted laughter. Best with 4 players, the games consists of placing your hands and feet on a mat made of an array of coloured circles. A spinner dictates which hand or foot goes on which circle by giving you a color and a body part. If any other part of your body touches the mat, you are out. Will you be the last person standing?

Top tip: You can use a variant of the game by buying a 6 circle stickers (red, blue, green and yellow) and use a random spinner from the internet.


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